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Freedom Marabou Swing Jig 1/8oz Lead-Free, White

Freedom Marabou Swing Jig 1/8oz Lead-Free, White

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The Freedom Marabou Swing Jig is a fishing jig that weighs 1/8 oz and is lead-free. It features a white-colored jig head and is designed with a marabou feather skirt to mimic the movement of baitfish in the water. The Freedom Swing Hook allows for greater freedom of movement of the trailer bait, which can increase the chances of catching fish. The hook is made of high-quality materials and is sharp and durable, allowing for effective hooksets. The lead-free construction makes this jig environmentally friendly and safe for use in areas where lead is prohibited.

This type of jig is commonly used for catching a variety of fish species, including bass, crappie, and panfish. The white color of the jighead provides a more natural presentation in clear water and can help to attract fish. The marabou feather skirt adds a lifelike movement to the jig that can entice fish to strike.

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