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Halo BB Froggin 7' 2" Heavy Casting, 40-65lb, 3/8-3/4oz Lures

Halo BB Froggin 7' 2" Heavy Casting, 40-65lb, 3/8-3/4oz Lures

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Built using the latest in rod technology, these rods are made with a high modulus graphite blank that provides exceptional strength and sensitivity. The Halo BB Frog Rods come in three lengths and actions to suit any angler’s preferences.

Whether you prefer a shorter rod for precision casting and better “walk the dog” ability or a longer rod for greater distance and power to get them out of the junk – we developed these rods with ONLY Frogging in mind. We designed these rods with a fast action to easily create the perfect frog action, to generate more bites relying on the BB Frog Rod’s fast tip to drive those double frog hooks with max penetration and lots of backbone handle even the biggest fish with ease. Our ergonomic design ensures that the Halo BB Frog Rods are comfortable to hold, even during extended periods of fishing.

The grip is made of high-quality cork, which provides both comfort and durability. The reel seat is made of premium materials and is designed to keep your reel firmly in place even under the strain of a fully loaded fish and all the weeds that come with it.

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