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Ligiid Mayhem

Liquid Mayhem Crawfish Attractant, 60 ml, 2oz Tube

Liquid Mayhem Crawfish Attractant, 60 ml, 2oz Tube

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Numerous studies show that fish can spit a lure out in a fraction of a second. If the bait being used feels unnatural, or has a negative odor, the odds of hooking that fish are reduced.

Bass can detect 1/200th of a drop of negative substance in 100 gallons of water. They can detect a prey's scent from 25 feet away and have been found to have a better sense of smell than dogs. With that sense of smell, the masking powers of a quality fish attractant are critical in hiding unpleasant smells such as gasoline, sunscreen, cigarette smoke and human odors.

Using a quality fish attractant is highly effective in luring the fish to hold the bait much longer, and in some instances, up to 30 seconds longer.

The taste and smell of the lure are critical factors in getting that fish to the strike, to commit and to hold on.

Simply put, adding a quality fish attractant to your arsenal will convert more follows into hook ups!

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