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Lunkerhunt 3.25" Shad Propfish-Floating, 1/2oz, Golden Shiner

Lunkerhunt 3.25" Shad Propfish-Floating, 1/2oz, Golden Shiner

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The Lunkerhunt Prop Series brings forth a new chapter in topwater fishing. It combines the time-tested design of hollow body soft plastics with modern day prop technology that was previously only found in hard body lures. The Lunkerhunt Prop Series is a family of hollow bodied soft lures that feature an innovative prop system, a super soft streamlined weedless design, premium hooks, and high-quality patterns.

The Prop Series features three body styles: The Prop Frog, The Prop Fish Sunfish, and The Prop Fish Shad. While all three body styles share common characteristics, they also have their differences. All body styles churn water, gurgle, and splash during the retrieve. On the pause, they float on the surface. They have all been designed to replicate North America's top gamefish forage.

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