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Freedom Sim Shad 3/8 oz - NEW

Freedom Sim Shad 3/8 oz - NEW

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Introducing the NEW Freedom Tackle Sim Shad. With a host of innovative features designed to entice the most elusive fish, this cutting-edge lure is a game-changer for anglers seeking whitefish, walleye, and other predator fish.

NOSE-DOWN SITTING POSITION: One of the key secrets behind the Sim Shad's success is its nose-down sitting position. This lifelike posture mimics the natural behavior of prey, making it an easy target for hungry fish. With the Sim Shad, you can be confident that your lure is presenting itself as an appetizing meal, ensuring more strikes and less frustration.

DUAL BLADES FOR MAXIMUM ATTRACTION: Equipped with a blade on each side, the Sim Shad is designed to create an enticing fluttering flash in the water. These blades catch and reflect light, effectively grabbing the attention of fish from afar.

VERSATILE VERTICAL FISHING: The Freedom Tackle Sim Shad is not just limited to open-water fishing; it's a versatile tool that excels in vertical fishing scenarios, including ice fishing. Whether you're chasing whitefish through an ice hole or stalking walleye in open water, the Sim Shad is your ticket to success.

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