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Scum Frog

Scum Frog-Painted Trophy Series 5/8oz

Scum Frog-Painted Trophy Series 5/8oz

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When we designed the shape of the original Trophy Series our single focus was to create Topwater Froggin' perfection. At Scum Frog, we do nothing but design and manufacture hollow-bodied frogs. We’re one of the originals in the industry and we like to think we are true innovators in design and development of Frog Fishing.

With the ALL NEW Painted Trophy Series we’ve advanced frog fishing once again with 10 new hand-designed colors relying on our proprietary system that digitally patterns onto the frog making them extremely durable.

The Scum Frog Painted Trophy Series was designed to give anglers all of the benefits of many high dollar frog baits at an unbeatable price. The Scum Frog PTS moves water with ease and the hookup ratio is excellent.

Load up on the Painted Trophy Series and load the livewell with some giants!

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