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Set the Hook

Set The Hook Dart Shad 4.8" 6Pk, Shiner

Set The Hook Dart Shad 4.8" 6Pk, Shiner

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The Set the Hook STH Dart Shad 4.8" is a high-quality fishing lure designed to mimic the natural swimming action of shad. Its realistic shape and lifelike color patterns make it a versatile bait for targeting a wide range of gamefish species, including bass, walleye, pike, and trout.

The Dart Shad 4.8" is made with durable materials and features a sharp hook that ensures a solid hookset. Its size and shape make it perfect for use with a variety of fishing techniques, such as casting and retrieving, jigging, or trolling.

Whether you're a seasoned angler or just starting out, the Set the Hook-DART SHAD 4.8" is a must-have in your tackle box if you want to increase your chances of catching that trophy fish.

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