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Set the Hook

Set the Hook-Draggin Craw 3.5" 6Pk

Set the Hook-Draggin Craw 3.5" 6Pk

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The Set the Hook Draggin Craw is a soft plastic fishing lure that measures 3.5 inches in length and comes in a pack of six. It is designed to mimic the appearance and motion of a crawfish, a popular food source for many fish species, including bass and walleye. The Draggin Craw features a unique body shape with oversized pinchers and a ribbed body that creates a lifelike swimming action in the water. The soft plastic construction of the lure provides a realistic feel and texture that can entice fish to strike.  

The Draggin Craw can be rigged using a variety of techniques, including a Texas rig or a Carolina rig, depending on the fishing conditions and the angler's preference. It is typically fished on the bottom of the water, where crawfish are known to dwell. The Draggin Craw is available in a variety of colors, allowing anglers to match the color of the lure to the water conditions and the type of fish they are targeting.

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