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Strike King

Strike King Tube Jig Head Unpainted 4Pk

Strike King Tube Jig Head Unpainted 4Pk

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The Strike King Tube Jig Head is a fishing jig that weighs 1/8 oz and comes in a pack of four. It features an unpainted design, allowing for customization and personalization with paint or markers. The tube-shaped head is designed to work specifically with tube baits, which are typically made of soft plastic and resemble a small worm or grub. The hook is made of high-quality materials and is sharp and durable, allowing for effective hooksets. 

This type of jig is commonly used for catching a variety of fish species, including bass and panfish. The unpainted design of the jighead allows anglers to match the color of the jighead to the color of the tube bait or to create a custom color pattern that can increase the chances of catching fish.

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