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Z-Man TRD Bugz 2.75"-Junebug

Z-Man TRD Bugz 2.75"-Junebug

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The Z-Man TRD BugZ features an ultra-compact profile, making it perfect for Ned rigs, drop shots, small shakey heads and finesse jig applications. As a downsized sibling to the Palmetto BugZ, this 2.75" ribbed, beaver-style creature bait gives you a more subtle presentation and displaces a huge amount of water to entice bites. Constructed of Z-Man's iconic ElaZtech soft plastic, the BugZ produces a gliding action as they fall and stand up on the bottom while at rest. The resting position directly mimics a defensive crawdad, and hungry bass can't seem to resist the temptation of the hunt! And high salt concentration in the plastic ensures that once fish bite, they hold on tight!

The TRD BugZ is designed specifically for Z-Man's Finesse ShroomZ Jig Heads, but also works perfectly with your favorite small shakey head and drop shots, too.

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